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A legacy is something of value that is passed down

…like a family reputation or heirloom.

An Infinite Legacy is one that is passed on infinitely

like faith or education.

Our vision is to provide you with the education you need to start in the cleaning industry and become a Legend in your own right.

  • Learn everything you need to start and grow your new residential cleaning business.
  • Worksheets, PDF downloads, forms and other educational documents are available for free.
  • Resources are available for do-it-yourself business start-ups.

Our mission is to create jobs in communities to boost local economies.

Infinite Legacy’s mission is to give entrepreneurs education, encourage action and provide support, so that they may build a successful cleaning business that creates jobs and strengthens local economies.

When you start a business, everyone knows that you have to pay taxes. Yes, everybody pays federal taxes, but the only taxes that your local government gets is from people who live locally and from people who do business locally. This is where the money comes from to pave your streets and build and upkeep parks in your neighborhoods. So, if you start a cleaning business in your town, then you help your entire town.

According to the US Small Business Administration, small businesses are the gate keeper of the 5 M's [Materials, Manpower, Markets, Management, and Money].
According to the US Small Business Administration, “Small businesses are the gate keeper of the 5 M’s [Materials, Manpower, Markets, Management, and Money]”. These are the exact conditions needed for economic development (2010).
Furthermore, when you start a business in your town and  you create jobs and hire people, you have more of an impact on your community. People are working locally and spending locally and keeping more money local. When a big chain cleaning company does business in your town, then part of the money goes to other areas. For example, they may have a district manager that lives 500 miles from your town making a salary with part of the money from people in your town.

Now imagine if many local everyday people like you in all areas of our nation started home service businesses like a cleaning companies or a lawn care companies and even plumbers, electricians, and handyman services. Think about it….how much more power we will have as people, as Americans, to take charge of our economic downfalls and build up our financial future from our own neighborhoods? We can make our nation great again without Donald Trump.

We don’t need the government. We need jobs and we are going to create them right here and right there where you are and all over this great place.

You can Live the American Dream and be a part of The New Great American Legacy, for the People, by the People.

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Source: U. S. Small Business Administration, “The Role of Small Business in Economic Development of the United States: From the End of the Korean War (1953) to the Present. September 1, 2010.  https://www.sba.gov/advocacy/role-small-business-economic-development-united-states-end-korean-war-1953-present.